Exceptional imagery in compact form

Specifically designed for shallow water survey work, the StarFish range offers towed, hull-mounted and OEM systems.

  • Stable full-length tri-fin design
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Frequencies from 450kHz-1MHz, using CHIRP technology
  • Up to a 200m swathe coverage
  • Horizontal beam width as low as 0.3°
  • Towed systems depth rated of 50m and OEM to 2000m
  • Simple, intuitive operator software

Towed StarFish systems allow quick and easy, single person deployment making them ideal for survey work and Search And Rescue (SAR) applications. The innovative full-length tri-fin design provides a stable platform for improved image capture and the single tow-line cable keeps setup and operation as simple as possible.

OEM StarFish systems are lightweight and extremely compact. The transducers offer multiple mounting options to allow easy ROV and AUV integration.

All StarFish systems utilise CHIRP technology and are available in 450kHz for increased range and 1MHz for improved resolution.

What is StarFish?

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StarFish Range

StarFish 452F PRO

450kHz CHIRP operation with up to a 200m swathe width, towed StarFish ideal for survey applications.

StarFish 990F XD

High definition 1MHz CHIRP operation, towed StarFish ideal for survey and Search And Rescue applications.

StarFish 992H

1MHz CHIRP operation, hull mounted StarFish suitable for small inshore crafts.

StarFish 454 OEM

450kHz CHIRP OEM system for ROV and AUV integration. Lower frequency for longer range.

StarFish 992 OEM

Higher frequency for higher resolution, 1MHz CHIRP system for ROV and AUV OEM integration.