StarFish Range
Sidescan Sonars

Challenging the shape of the industry - sidescan sonars with a difference. The StarFish range offers towed, hull-mounted and OEM systems that give exceptional image quality in a compact and rugged form factor. Specifically designed for shallow water survey work, StarFish systems are available in 450kHz for increased range and 1MHz for improved resolution.

Oculus Range
Imaging Sonars

Our Oculus range redefines multibeam imaging sonars. Inspection or navigation, the Oculus provides outstanding image quality across a variety of frequencies. Available in 500m, 1000m and 4000m depth ratings, the Oculus is designed for use on small inspection-class ROVs through to large work-class platforms and everything in between.

SeaTrac Range
Positioning & Data

Compact form meets robust function. SeaTrac is a high accuracy USBL acoustic positioning system for real-time ROV, AUV and diver tracking. With a 1000m range and the ability to both track and exchange data with multiple assets, the list of potential applications is endless.

Artemis Range
Diver Navigation

Tried, tested, and trusted by Special Forces and Emergency Services the world over. The Artemis range of Handheld Diver Navigation Systems offer covert navigation, sonar imaging and acoustic communication capabilities in an extremely compact form factor.