Redefining multibeam imaging

The Oculus range of multibeam imaging sonars offers single and dual-frequency models with unparalleled image quality in a compact, rugged form factor.

  • Frequencies from 375kHz to 3.0MHz
  • Operating ranges from 0.1m up to 200m
  • Wide 130┬░horizontal and 20┬░ vertical apertures
  • Angular resolutions of down to 0.25┬░
  • Range resolutions of down to 2mm
  • Ultra-fast update rates of up to 40Hz
  • Depth ratings of 500m, 1000m and 4000m
  • Simple, intuitive operator software

Designed for use on anything from small inspection-class ROVs to larger working-class platforms, the Oculus series offers operating ranges of up to 200m and depth ratings down to 4000m. An Oculus to suit every challenge.

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Oculus Range

Oculus M-Series
Oculus M-Series

The benchmark in multibeam imaging sonars. The Oculus M-Series offers single and dual-frequency models, unparalleled image quality in a compact, rugged form factor and depth rated to 500m.

Oculus MT-Series
Oculus MT-Series

All the benefits of the Oculus M-Series but with the advantage of a titanium housing to give a depth rating of 1000m.

Oculus MD-Series
Oculus MD-Series

The 4000m depth rated titanium housing allows the Oculus MD-Series to withstand pressures of deep-sea working.