Diver Navigation

Blueprint Subsea manufacture and sell a range of navigation consoles for search-and-rescue, Naval and EOD divers.

Features of the range include...

  • Forward Looking Sonar
  • DVL Dead-Reckoning Navigation
  • GPS/GNSS Navigation Float
  • Depth, Heading, Attitude & Immersion Sensors
  • Logging of Sonar, Navigation & Dive Data
  • S57/S63 Charting
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GPS Navigator

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GPS Navigator

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Navigation Consoles

Blueprint Subsea manufacture a range of handheld underwater navigation aids to assist search-and-rescue, commercial and naval divers locate and identify objects on the seabed.

Missions & Dive-Logs

NavPoint is a PC Windows software application used pre-dive to create navigation 'Mission' files, and post-dive to review the 'Dive-Log' sonar data.


The Artemis user interface introduces many innovative features designed by divers for divers, that make Artemis simple to use and complex tasks easy to perform.


Artemis incorporates a forward looking sonar that helps the diver locate and identify targets up to 75m away even in the murkiest of waters.