• StarFish Shallow water, High Specification Side-Scan Sonar Systems

  • Artemis Diver Handheld Sonar & Navigation

  • E-Fish Electrofishing Equipment

  • RovTools, Flexible & Versatile Modular Mid-Size ROV Tooling

StarFish Sonar Systems

Shallow water, high specification and portable towed side-scan sonar systems with a tow body measuring less than 15 inches long, that use the latest advanced digital CHIRP acoustic technology to produces spectacular images of the seabed.

Artemis Diver Sonar & Navigator

A modular diver console combining forward looking sonar and navigation capabilities for naval mine clearance divers, commercial divers, police and search & rescue divers who need to quickly and safely locate submerged objects.

E-Fish Electrofishing Equipment

E-Fish electro-fishing products are designed to assist Environmental Biologists monitor fish populations in rivers and lakes, or perform quick rescue and relocation of fish stocks

ROV Tooling

Flexible and highly versatile modular tooling aimed at mod sized ROV's, allowing operators to perform common tasks with greater ease and efficiency whilst reducing operational time.